Hypnotherapy gastric band explained

Are you looking to lose weight without dieting or heavy workouts? The answer could be in your subconscious – weight loss hypnosis.

weight loss hypnosis

With 1.9 billion adults overweight or obese, according to the World Health Organization, many people are looking for a non-surgical weight loss solution.

While gastric band surgery involves fitting a band around the stomach, hypnotherapists have developed a virtual solution that doesn’t require surgical treatment. 

It is a treatment used by hypnotherapists to get your subconscious to believe that you’ve had a gastric band when no surgery has taken place. 

How Gastric Band Hypnosis Works

Gastric band hypnosis is used to help people lose weight, without the risks that come with surgery.

Hypnotherapists will likely begin a session by addressing and recognizing unhealthy thought patterns surrounding food.

Once you’ve reached a relaxed state of mind, the therapist may recommend ways to help you change your eating or exercise habits.

Then the hypnotherapist will carry out the virtual gastric band treatment. The purpose is to suggest, at a subconscious level, that you have had a gastric band surgery.

Your body will respond by making you feel fuller quicker as if you had the real operation.

To close the ‘hypnotic’ part of your session, the therapist will help bring you out of hypnosis and back to your starting state.

Who’s suitable for Gastric Band Hypnosis?

This sounds all great, but is a virtual gastric band the right weight loss solution for you?

The key to success is YOU! No weight loss solution will work unless you are committed to losing weight.

You must be prepared to change your eating habits and lifestyle too. Weight loss hypnosis will help you control your weight and maintain a healthier body.

It will work for you if you genuinely want it to and have a reasonable imagination. You need only allow yourself to relax for hypnotherapy to work for you. Those that don’t truly want it to work will see minimal results.

That’s not to say that being skeptical will hurt the process because it won’t.

A little bit of skepticism is welcome, and people who come into it skeptical are always the ones that are most positively surprised when they realized they’d been hypnotized, and their emotions have been healed.

Clinical Studies Show a 95% Success Rate Gastric Band Hypnosis

Clinical studies of the gastric band hypnosis indicate a success rate of 95%. I ‘though it usually starts to work after only one session, it’s always preferable to keep going until the results are satisfactory. 

Hypnotherapy gastric band

Cost of Gastric band hypnotherapy

There are no fixed prices across the board. Cost of hypnotherapy band therapy can vary depending on where you live and which therapist you go to.

The more successful that your hypnotherapist has been with his practice, the more they will charge.

Alternatively, you can get your home Gastric Band procedure from a certified, master hypnotherapist. Instead of investing $800, the program can cost you less than $40. Read our recent Neuro Slimmer review.

How will I feel after?

While hypnosis may provide an edge over other weight loss methods, it ‘isn’t necessarily a quick fix.

The overall goal of gastric band hypnosis is to promote a healthier relationship with food. When your subconscious thinks you have had a gastric band implemented, it will think your stomach is smaller.

This, in turn, makes your brain send out information that you are full after eating less food.

For those who overeat, knowing when you’re physically full can be hard. Sometimes we eat purely for the taste, disregarding whether or not we are physically hungry.

Learning to recognize the physical feelings of being hungry and being full helps encourage healthy eating habits.

Unlike gastric band surgery, the gastric band hypnosis does not have any physical side-effects. As gastric band hypnosis isn’t real surgery, it won’t cause symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and acid reflux.

The takeaway

If you are committed to making a lifestyle change, weight loss hypnosis may reprogram your brain to listen to your body and give it only what it needs. 

Truly healthy living comes from the commitment you make to yourself every day for the rest of your life.

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