Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas: Unique and Creative Ways to Propose Marriage

Marriage Proposal

When it’s time for the big question, most guys want to do something memorable and romantic. Since there are no do-overs in proposing, coming up with something creative can create quite a bit of pressure. Romantic marriage proposals can come in many different forms that fit every budget.

Rent a Billboard

Billboards on main roads may be quite expensive, but if the budget isn’t there, find one on a quieter, less traveled road. The price will be considerably lower, but the value will be the same. On the way to somewhere special, a little side trip down the road will be just what she needs to make her heart flutter. Have her favorite romantic CD playing on the car stereo, and be ready to pull over to put the ring on her finger.

Movie Theater Advertisement

Most movie theaters sell advertising that flashes on the screen before the movie starts. She’ll be flabbergasted when she sees her name on the big screen, with the big question that she has hopefully been waiting for. In front of all the movie patrons, get down on one knee and present her with the ring.

Candlelight Proposal

If her bedroom is on the second floor of a building, fill enough small containers with sand or something nonflammable to form the letters of “Will you marry me?” and place small candles in them. Quietly place them beneath her window, then call her and tell her to look outside. Once she’s had a chance to get the message, step out from behind a tree, get down on one knee, and present the boxed ring.

Handsome Prince

The woman who has always loved fairy tales will love being rescued by her prince. Rent a horse and ride toward her when she least expects it. Have the ring available and be ready to scoop her up as she swoons with her romantic proposal. She’ll love riding off into the sunset with her prince.

Picture Perfect Proposal

Take a snapshot of the future bride, making sure her left hand is visible in the picture. Find an artist who paints portraits from pictures. Have the artist add an engagement ring to her hand in the painting. Present the painting and comment on the details. As she notices the engagement ring, present a ring just like the one in the picture.

Fancy Diamond Dessert

Take her out to a fancy restaurant for a special occasion. Beforehand, make arrangements with the waiter to have the engagement ring box on the dessert tray, in the midst of all the other “sweets.” As soon as she notices, get down on one knee and finish the proposal.

Blog to Her Heart

Create a blog specifically about the romantic side of the relationship and ask her to check it frequently. Post daily entries about how wonderful she is, leading up to the final post, which will be, “Will you marry me?” Be there with the diamond ring or post a picture of it.

All of these romantic marriage proposal ideas will work for a woman proposing to a man.

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